Foundation Grants

Foundation Grants


The 112 Education Foundation provides District 112 teachers annual Foundation Grants to support creative and innovative enrichment projects. Think of Foundation Grants as District 112’s education laboratory, an opportunity to explore ideas, methods, and materials that will enhance student experiences in school.  Teachers may apply for a grant individually or as a group.

During the 2018-2019 school year, the Foundation funded just under $55,000 in creative and innovative grant programs (Spring 2019 Foundation Grant Descriptions) in the NSSD112 schools, benefiting hundreds of students.

Click here for a video showcasing some of the amazing grant programs from past years.


Teachers may apply for a grant individually or as a group, and teachers may apply for multiple grants. A committee of Foundation trustees, with assistance from district administrators, reviews each grant application.  All applicants receive written notification regarding their grant request.  Our Grant Committee reviews applications submitted in October and April each year.

Fall 2019 Foundation Grant applications are due Friday, October 11 at 5pm.
No late applications will be accepted.

Fall 2019 Grant Application

2019-2020 Grant Rubric


  • Specific, actionable, and measurable objectives

  • Creative and innovative approach to learning

  • Significant student impact

  • Project supports interdisciplinary learning

  • Reasonable and detailed budget proposal

  • Only available to North Shore School District 112 faculty


  • The Foundation is unable to compensate for teachers’ time or training.

  • Funds for refreshments and/or parties are not permitted.

  • Requests for resources readily available in school libraries or in District will not be considered.

  • Only 1 Field Trip per school can be granted

  • Technology (hardware and software) requests must be aligned with the District Technology Plan and Common Core Standards.  Please contact John Petzke, CTO with questions  ( )

Image result for please read  Updated Foundation Grant Reimbursement Procedures

Grant Evaluations are due 30 days after a grant program.  Please use the link below to access the updated form.

Foundation Grant Evaluation






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